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Are You Eligible To Join THE DARK DAYS CLUB?

If you got invited into a secret society, what kind would it be? In THE DARK DAYS CLUB by Alison Goodman, Lady Helen gets invited into a group of people dedicated to destroying demonic forces that have infiltrated all levels of society. But here’s the thing – you kinda need to be able to keep up if you’re a member of The Dark Days Club. So we came up with a series of questions that will definitely determine your eligibility and asked a few Booktubers to take the test! See who made it and find out whether you’d be able to join!

Regan (PeruseProject)


Raeleen (Padfootandprongs07)


Kassidy (KassidyVoinche)


Jessica (Priceiswong)


The official questionnaire!


How would you rate your ability to engage in combat while wearing a particularly prohibitive ball gown? The likelihood of finding a demon at a court ball is extremely high as they have infiltrated all levels of society.

On the other hand, have you the coordination to perform courtly dances so as to blend in seamlessly at high society functions? It is of the utmost importance to keep your identity under wraps.

Are you apt at reading expressions and remembering faces? This will be necessary in judging who is true and who has deadly intentions in any social circle.

Should you see an evil spirit, or Deceiver, stealing the life force of an innocent bystander in the shadows of London, would you have the courage to apprehend it?

Have you a friend or relative so trustworthy that they may be your Terrene, a person most necessary to have by your side in a battle with dark creatures?

Do you possess any jewelry or objects that look as if they might have powers you don’t know about? 

Last but not least, if you had to choose – would you save your reputation or save the world?


Are YOU eligible to join The Dark Days Club?



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