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This is What a Falling Kingdoms Series Reader Looks Like

The love for Morgan Rhodes’ Falling Kingdoms series is overflowing, especially with the fifth book, Crystal Storm, coming this December! To prepare, we decided to spotlight some fans who can’t get enough of the magic, adventure, and romance of the Falling Kingdoms series!



Who said a “beach read” couldn’t include swords and magic?


Falling Kingdoms fans know how to get creative!

It’s a series that will break your heart.


A stunning (and eerie) visual summary of what fans truly love about Falling Kingdoms.

Each character holds a special place in a fan’s heart.


Fans hate to stay away from Mytica for long…

And they love creating gorgeous art.

Princess Cleo is definitely a fan fave.


But most of all, fans love MAGNUS!


Protect the fictional hottie.

Well, the sassy fictional hottie.

The sexy fictional hottie… *eyebrow waggle*

Our favorite fictional hottie.


Isn’t it beautiful <3

And only a true Falling Kingdom’s fan knows the secrets of hawks.





Start reading Falling Kingdoms!











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