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Our 10 Favorite Tweets About THE 5TH WAVE Right Now

The wait for The 5th Wave movie in January can sometimes make you feel just like Cassie did…as if she were the only human left on earth. Luckily, all you have to do is check Twitter to find everyone who’s sharing your feels about the book, the trailer, and the upcoming movie! Read on for the 10 tweets that reminded us we’re not alone in…


1. Counting down the exact number of days until the movie.

This level of vigilance: necessary.


2. Waiting anxiously for the trailer to come out so we can have a taste of whatever unknown epic-ness the movie will hold.

Our too, Äsh, ours too.


3. And then having occasional hysterical freak outs about potentially missing the trailer.



4. Desiring to express our love for the book in utterly gorgeous aesthetic fashions.

Seriously, we need this tutorial video yesterday.


5. Being in total awe of any behind-the-scenes movie photos.


Real forest, fake forest, as long as it brings out the creepy feels we had in the book.


6. Remembering what it was like when we first started The 5th Wave.



7. And never forgetting the first time we finished reading it.

It’s going to be OK, Ryan. Go find The Infinite Sea and come back to us when you’re ready.


8. Never getting over how much we love our favorite characters.

Ugh, she IS the best. So is Evan. And Ben. And Ringer. And Teacup. And everyone. OK we’ll stop now.


9. And preparing to see them brought to life…as well as having major feels about it.

We may have to have a nice peaceful meditation session before going into the theater.


10. Last but not least…remembering that the story isn’t even over because The Last Star is coming out this spring!!

May the magic. never. end.


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