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Quotes from A Scatter of Light we LOVE

A Scatter of Light is Malinda Lo’s newest novel (and did we mention instant New York Times bestseller?!) In this companion to Last Night at the Telegraph Club, Malinda Lo returns to the Bay Area with another masterful queer coming-of-age story, this time set against the backdrop of the first major Supreme Court decisions legalizing gay marriage. 

And because it’s a Malinda Lo book, you better BELIEVE there are some quotes in here you’ll want to frame or stitch into a pillow. So, here are some of our favorites!

“Everyone was smiling, but none looked as happy as Lily and Kath, who were gazing at one another rather than the photographer. There was a radiance in their faces, as if each of them carried a sun in their hearts, and that sun was their love for each other.”

We’re already crying.

“All at once I could see who I was becoming as opposed to who I once was. I was split in two: my future and my past. I wanted to remain here on the edge between my two selves, doubly exposed, all hunger and heart.”

The way Malinda Lo takes internal struggles and makes them sound?? so?? beautiful??

“She tasted like saltwater oysters. I was in love with all of her. I was not myself anymore; I was hers.”

Aaaand we’re falling in love too.

“Beautiful and miraculous. But you know what makes it a miracle? The fact that we are present in that moment, experiencing it fully, before it inevitably changes.”

Brb, we gotta go frame this one for sure.

“This is what I’ve learned: The art is greater than you and your feelings. You have to serve it. It is not you. Some people will never understand that, but you need to surround yourself with people who do understand it. And you need to understand it yourself. Whatever you’re creating may come from within you and your life, but then—almost like a child, it comes out of your body and it grows up and walks away. It walks away and affects other people you don’t know and have never met. That’s the beauty of it, and the reason I keep trying new things. You never know who it will effect.”

And believe it or not, these are just a few of our favorites. If you want to read ALL of them, you’ll just have to grab your copy of A Scatter of Light!

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