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Reader Spotlight: URSULA URIARTE

Book lovers are what make the world go ’round, so we want to shine a spotlight on one of our readers who never fails to take our breath away with her beyond beautiful bookstagrams!


First, here’s what you need to know about her.

Name: Ursula Uriarte

Game: Book blogging & photography


And now a 5-question bookish interview:


1. What was the first book you ever fell in love with? Alice in Wonderland was my first love and it remains that way, but as far as the first book I picked up on my own and loved, I’d have to say Pride & Prejudice. I read it for AP Lit and it is still one of my all time favorites. 


2. Why is Instagram your favorite way to talk about books? I blogged before I bookstagrammed, but photography has always been my preferred form of expression when it comes to art. While I enjoyed reviewing on a traditional blog I wasn’t surprised when I started documenting my passion for reading and all things bookish by telling a story through pictures. So much can be expressed in a picture and I find it complements my written opinion. The response to my bookstagram has been unreal and I’m so thankful for such a wonderful community. 


3. What’s one of your all time favorite book covers and why? Oh this is hard!! I’d have to go with Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi. I love it so much I have the entire cover tattooed on my right forearm:




4. How long have you been reviewing books and how did you get into it? I started reviewing books on my Goodreads in late 2012, I was re reading the Shadowhunter Chronicles and really felt like sharing my thoughts on it. Fast forward a year a friend of mine and owner of asked me to join her team and so I did, and then started my bookstagram about 2 years ago. 


5. Describe your dream library. Lots of dark wood shelves, multilevel floor to ceiling ones with a ladder, (very much like the Beast’s library in Beauty and the Beast ha!) a window with a view, and a comfortable chair.


Now take a seat because these examples of her work may make you weak in the knees. Are you seated? Good.


🎃 Are you the “plan everything in advance” type of person? I have to admit that I’m a planner 🙈 I have a To-do-list for pretty much everything 😂 This weekend while I drive to Disneyworld I’m gonna finish planning my questions and introductions for Monday’s Penguin Teen Tour stop here in Miami. These two beauties, Atlantia by Ally Condie and Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer just came out in paperback and they will be part of the panel I’m moderating Monday, I’m very excited to meet them both! If you have any questions for them don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. What are you guys up to today? 😀 Today is a half day for me, as I will be leaving work early to head downtown to see @chriscornellofficial in concert and IM SO EXCITED!!!! 🎉🎉 • • QOTD: What type of books do you like most? Fantasy or Contemporary? 📚 *************************************** Every time I post a pic of my planner everyone wonders where it’s from 😀 This is an @erincondren Life Planner and the stickers decorating this week came from @pretty_sheepy 💕 ******************************************* #Atlantia #Belzhar #PenguinTour

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🎃 Happy Halloween you guys! This beauty arrived at my door yesterday and I legit can’t stop looking at it, good thing I haven’t drooled over it 😂 This was my most anticipated release of the year, and it didn’t disappoint! It’s just absolutely exquisite 😍 If you order directly through @riflepaperco you also get a matching bookmark. 💕 How many of you guys got this edition? 😀 I’ll be around *lurking* today I’m about to head out to take my kids to Disneyworld, I’m dying to get my daughter in the Mad Tea Party Teacups! ☕️🎩👑🐇♥️♣️ I hope you all have a Happy and safe Halloween! 💕 #AliceInWonderland #riflepaperco #aliceinwonderland150anniversary #weareallmadhere #downtherabbithole #curiouserandcuriouser

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Happy release to Alison Goodman! 🎉 The Dark Days Club hit shelves yesterday and it’s another title in my February TBR that I can’t wait to read! 📚 (Synopsis below) I’m running a little research here, what brings you to my feed? Book recommendations? Book reviews? Just looking at pictures? Alice In wonderland? Do you remember how you found me? 😊 —————————————— Synopsis: Helen must make a choice: Save her reputation, or save the world. London, 1812. Eighteen-year-old Lady Helen Wrexhall is on the eve of her debut presentation at the royal court of George III. Her life should revolve around gowns, dancing, and securing a suitable marriage. Instead, when one of her family’s maids disappears, she is drawn into the shadows of Regency London. There, she meets Lord Carlston, one of the few able to stop the perpetrators: a cabal of demons that has infiltrated all levels of society. Carlston is not a man she should be anywhere near, especially with the taint of scandal that surrounds him. Yet he offers her help and the possibility of finally discovering the truth about the mysterious deaths of her parents. Soon the two of them are investigating a terrifying conspiracy that threatens to plunge the newly Enlightened world back into darkness. But can Helen trust a man whose own life is built on lies? And does she have the strength to face the dangers of this hidden world and her family’s legacy? Set in the glittering social world of the Regency upper-crust, the Dark Days Club is a supernatural adventure that introduces New York Times best-selling author Alison Goodman’s Lady Helen Wrexhall—another heroine whom, like Eona, readers can take to their hearts. —————————————— #DarkDaysClub #PenguinTeen #NewRelease #ireadYA

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Is it us or does the world feel a little bit brighter after seeing those? Thanks, Ursula!

Where to find Ursula:

Instagram @ursula_uriarte

Twitter @Urs_uriarte

Tumblr ursula-uriarte

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