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15 Readers Who Are Already Obsessed with the Sequel to AN EMBER IN THE ASHES

The sequel to the hottest fantasy debut of 2016 comes out next month, which means there are two readers spewing emotion on social media right now: those who would do anything to get their hands on an early copy of the sequel to An Ember in the Ashes, and those lucky enough to have already devoured it. We took a look on Twitter and Instagram and it appears early reviewers agree on one thing: A Torch Against the Night slays. Read on for 15 of our favorite reactions to A Torch Against the Night!




No convincing necessary.



You might have to neglect your life duties for a while when you get your hands on a copy.


It’s. that. good.


“Holy sequel Batman”


Real life can wait.




I’m a little over halfway through A Torch Against The Night, and I’m dying. 😱😭😱😭😱😭

A photo posted by Katelyn (@thefearlessreader) on

Did we feel to mention you’re in for an emotional roller coaster?


Excellent gif choice.


Once again, the feelings…


When a sequel is amazing right off the bat, you know you’re in for something good.


A sure sign you just read something life changing: you can’t stop thinking about it.




We recommend grabbing a stuffed animal for snuggling purposes and try again.


It will take you to book zombie status.


You’re in for the ride of your life.



Can’t wait to read A Torch Against the Night for yourself? Preorder your copy here!












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