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Second Book Stars: YA Follow-Ups That Stole Our Hearts

We adore an amazing debut. But these second book YA follow-ups might have stolen our hearts even more! Here are 6 authors whose second books were absolute stars.

Beasts of Ruin by Ayana Gray

If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you probably know we LOVED Ayana Gray’s breakout debut Beasts of Prey. And she did NOT disappoint with an equally adventurous thrilling sequel: Beasts of Ruin!

Secrets So Deep by Ginny Myers Sain

Ginny kept us on the VERY edge of our seats in her debut Dark and Shallow Lies. In her second novel, we’re swept into a mysterious theatre camp with VERY dark secrets and a plot that gives us all the chills and shocking twists of her debut!

Azar on Fire by Olivia Abtahi

Perfectly Parvin had us grinning like idiots, and Olivia Abtahi’s outright hilarious follow-up had us on the FLOOR. Get ready for a Battle of the Bands you will never forget.

Margot Mertz for the Win by Carrie McCrossen and Ian McWethy

We couldn’t help but adore Margot’s witty attitude and clever antics in Margot Mertz Takes It Down. So you BET we are already big fans of the sequel to her continued adventure in Margot Mertz for the Win!

The Edge of Being by James Brandon

Ziggy, Stardust and Me was an instant classic on shelves everywhere, and James Brandon’s follow-up The Edge of Being is equal parts heart-wrenching and beautiful.

Go Hunt Me by Kelly deVos

Kelly deVos proved she knows how to write a killer thriller with her debut Eat Your Heart Out. So, if you loved zombies on the loose at camp, we think you’ll love teens locked in a castle with a monster! For Dracula lovers and fans of Diana Urban’s All Your Twisted Secrets, this spine-tingling thriller follows seven horror buffs as their dream trip to a remote Romanian castle turns into a nightmare when they begin to be killed one by one.

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