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The 15 Best Reactions To AN EMBER IN THE ASHES Getting A Sequel

May 18th, 2015 was a monumental day. It was the day that it was revealed that the hottest book of the summer would not be a standalone, that the magic wasn’t over…and the internet rejoiced:


Some acted passionately.

Some defied social expectations to celebrate.

Caps lock key casualties abounded.

As well as exclamation point keys.

Emoji game was on point.

Digital confetti was thrown.
Appropriate GIFs were unearthed.

Some proclaimed their joy in other languages. But hashtags are the universal language #happyday

Friends and neighbors reassured each other.

Plans for the future were made.

Dreams were realized.

Days were made.

Faith in humanity was restored.

And most importantly…Sabaa Tahir got writing.


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