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The 5th Wave Series Fans Predicted What Will Happen in THE LAST STAR Using Emojis

With the epic conclusion to The 5th Wave series hitting shelves in less than 24 hours, you probably have a million questions that you can’t wait to have answered: What will happen with Cassie, Evan, Ben, and the gang? Who will survive? What is the fate of humanity? We asked fans what they predict will happen in The Last Star using only emojis, and translating their predictions made us even more excited to read it!



Ok, we think this means there’s going to be a ton of drama…but then in the end, there’s love everywhere. We have a feeling this is what a lot of readers would love to see in The Last Star.


YES: This definitely means that the last chapter will consist of a huge party. 


Simple and dramatic: It will all come down to fire, love, aliens and humans.


Dance party half way through?? Yes please!


Yes, we know…there’s a good chance The Last Star will induce tears.


This one’s easy: whatever happens, love wins.





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