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10 Characters You DON’T Want at Thanksgiving

We’re all familiar with the classic party crasher of Thanksgiving. However, we can all probably agree that none would be nearly as disastrous as any of these fictional characters showing up at your family gathering!

1. The Hollow Sisters – House of Hollow

They’re always hungry. They’d literally eat everything.

2. The Commandant – A Sky Beyond the Storm

She’s more likely to carve your face before she carves that turkey.

3. A hollowgast – The Desolations of Devil’s Acre

Ruthless monsters are the worst to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade with.

4. Koffi and Ekon – Beasts of Prey

These two have been wandering way too much around the Greater Jungle for comfort, and if any of the Greater Jungle monsters follow them to dinner, that’s gonna be a MESS.

5. Xifeng – Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

She eats hearts. No one wants that side dish on the table.

6. Caledonia – Seafire

Sword fights at the dining table = mashed potatoes probably getting knocked over.

7. Hideo – Wildcard

(Spoiler for Warcross!)

SUPER awkward when you have to explain to everyone at the table that your boyfriend tried to take over the world, ya know?

8. Frank – Frankly in Love

Because we all know everyone is going to end up loving Frank more than you. Everyone loves Frank.

9. Shay – How to Succeed in Witchcraft

No. Witchcraft. At. The. Table!

10. Lee & Annie – Fireborne

The dragons may cause an issue. Though now that we think about it, maybe they could speed up the cooking process?!

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