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Everything Going On Sale in January 2017!

Happy New Year! 2016 is (finally) coming to an end, and we’re so happy to welcome in 2017 with a month-long celebration of fantastic new releases! Whether you’re looking for a thrill ride, ready to dive into a sci-fi world, or in the mood for some contemporary fiction, we are here to help you out. Read on to discover your next favorite reads!


1/3: Dove Exiled by Karen Bao: The second book in the suspenseful, intelligent Dove Chronicles series is perfect for fans of Ender’s Game and The Maze Runner. Now in paperback!


1/3: The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman: From the New York Times bestselling author of Eon and Eona; a Regency adventure series starring a stylish and intrepid Buffy-esque demon-hunter. Now in paperback!


1/10: The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry: This stunning debut novel is Friday Night Lights meets The Time Traveler’s Wife and perfectly captures those bittersweet months after high school, when we dream not only of the future, but of all the roads and paths we’ve left untaken. Now in paperback!


1/24: City of Saints and Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson: The secret to surviving in Sangui City is to not exist. But when Tina gets caught seeking revenge for her mother’s murder, the heart pounding twists of this thriller are only just getting started.


1/24: The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury: Forget three wishes, you only need one to get a copy of this luscious, sassy, romantic retelling in which the most powerful jinni on earth falls in love with Aladdin. Now in paperback!


1/31: Fire Color One by Jenny Valentine: In this beautifully written novel about art, family, and identity, pyromaniac Iris is sent away from London to live with her estranged (and dying) father as part of her greedy scheme. But once she meets her father, everything she thought she knew goes up in smoke.


1/31: The Dark Days Pact by Alison Goodman: Sequel to New York Times bestselling author Alison Goodman’s acclaimed The Dark Days Cluba smashing combination of Buffy and Jane Austen!





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