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6 Pop Culture Weddings You’ll Want To Think Twice Before Crashing

In honor of The Wrath and the Dawn, in which one girls seeks revenge against a king who marries a new bride each night and executes her by morning, we’ve rounded up 6 nuptials that, um, didn’t go so well. By the authority vested in us, we pronounce these weddings hazardous to your health (physical, emotional, or both.)


1. The Red Wedding from Game of Thrones


But if you really feel like you should attend, pack a sword or duck out early. (Image viaFresh Patrol)


2. Ross and Emily’s wedding on Friends


Sometimes being a bystander to utter mortification is worse than being the person who made the mistake. Yes, weddings are stressful, but getting your bride’s name wrong is a Freudian slip of epic proportions. (Image via i-wanna-hug-a-dragon)


3. Britney and K-Fed’s wedding in 2004


You’d just spend the whole time weeping for your own broken dreams… IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN JT!! (Image via britneyspearsuniverse)


4. Edith’s wedding on Downton Abbey


What on earth does one say to the bride when the groom waits until THE moment the vows begin to break it off? Nothing. One says nothing. Just stay home. (Image viaPresently in the Past)


5. Persephone and Hades’ marriage from Greek mythology


Really less of a wedding and more of a kidnapping that resulted in a year of famine across the earth. You’re better off staying inside and watching Netflix. (Image viaShmoop)


6. Any of Khalid’s weddings from The Wrath and the Dawn


In Khorasan, the Caliph weds a new bride every single night, only to have her executed in the morning. 16-year-old Shahrzad volunteers to marry him so she can secretly seek revenge…luckily, she lives past dawn, and as she gets to know the Caliph, she realizes there is more to his series of tragic weddings than meets the eye. Write “decline with regrets” on your RSVP and stay home to read about it instead.


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