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9 Things We Know About THE LAST STAR from Rick Yancey’s Twitter Feed

The cover for the last book in The 5th Wave series was revealed today and if you’re like us, you’re having a lot of feelings. You’re outrageously excited for it to come out in May, but not 100% sure what to expect. We advise remaining calm and reviewing what we know about THE LAST STAR based on Rick Yancey’s twitter feed:



Rick’s on his game.

YES. I mean, given that this is the man who gave us The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea, we already know we’re in for something incredible.

Ringer is still a badass.

But who is she talking to here?? What unbearable things are we in store for this time around??

Redemption is on its way.

Ugh YES, redemption is the BEST! Wait, who’s getting redeemed though? Because we have a list of potentials we’d like to submit…

Zombie gets real.

Oh Ben Parish, reminding us that we’re all still human. Are you referring to someone in particular though?

Bear is still present. We repeat: Bear. Is. Still. Present.

But how long will he be around…

Its length is still undisclosed.

Does that mean it could have an infinite amount of pages…and never end? **fingers crossed**

This might be the opening quote.

Wait seriously should we be reading in to this? How much? Note: must google “Schiller” and “Oberon.”

It has a song.

This is the song that reminds Rick Yancey of The Last Star. Excuse us while we listen to it on repeat until May 24th.

Some will rise…and some will fall.

We’re not sure who, but we DO know that the end of The 5th Wave draws near and we’re prepared for epicness.



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