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Cover Reveal: BEASTS OF WAR by Ayana Gray

The finale is COMING! In Beasts of Prey, we survived the Greater Jungle. In Beasts of Ruin, we faced the god of death. Now, in Beasts of War, we join Koffi and Ekon for the epic conclusion to Ayana Gray’s stunning trilogy in a heart-pounding tale filled with mythos, monsters, and mortal heroes who are astoundingly human.

Scroll down to see the cover and read more about what’s next for Koffi and Ekon. And remember to preorder your copy here!

Cover art by Elena Masci, cover design by Theresa Evangelista

Once a prisoner to Fedu, the vengeful god of death, Koffi has regained her freedom, but she is far from safe. Fedu will stop at nothing to hunt her down and use her power to decimate the mortal world. Koffi knows when Fedu will strike: during the next Bonding, a once-in-a-lifetime celestial event. To survive, Koffi will have to find powerful new allies quickly, and convince them to help her in the terrible battle to come.   

Once a warrior-turned-runaway, Ekon has carved out a new life for himself outside Lkossa, but the shadows of his past still haunt him. Now, alongside unexpected friends, Ekon tries to focus on getting Koffi to the Kusonga Plains before the next Bonding. If he fails, Koffi will be consumed, either by her own dangerous power, or the terrible fate Ekon is doing everything he can to prevent. Ekon devotes himself to protecting Koffi, but the lingering threats from his own past are more urgent than he knows.

As Koffi and Ekon race to the Kusonga Plains—and try to garner the help of Eshōza’s ancient gods along the way—they must face a slew of dangerous beasts old and new. In the end, destiny may unite Koffi and Ekon for the last time—or tear them apart for good.

Penguin Teen