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If you’re STILL not over the fake-date-skate relationship of Canadian superstars Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir; if The Cutting Edge, Ice Castles, or Netflix’s too quickly cancelled Spinning Out had you binge watching for hours AND if you’re a fan of swoony supportive men helping their love interest realize their dreams – ahem Pacey Witter & Joey Potter – then prepare to fall in LOVE with Finding Her Edge.

For fans of Emma Lord and Abbi Glines, Jennifer Iacopelli’s swoony, romantic new novel follows elite ice dancer Adriana Russo as she finds herself drawn to both her old dance partner and her new one.


Scroll down to see the cover of Finding Her Edge by Jennifer Iacopelli, author of Break the Fall!

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Designer: Vanessa Han –


“We’ve been spotted,” Brayden says, his eyes darting to his left for a second where a table of girls about my age are sitting, very casually—too casually—taking pictures of the girl with her back to us. “Should we?”

“I mean, this is what we wanted right?”

“Right,” he says before turning to face them fully and sending them a mega-watt smile. All of them practically melt on the spot “Do you girls want a pic?”

“Oh my God,” one of them mutters at being caught, but then she seems to think better of it and smiles back. “Yeah, do you guys mind? We’re big fans of the show!”

We spend the next few minutes posing with them and then reposting the ones they chose to post on social media.  This is exactly what we wanted and it’s working.

The rest of the restaurant watches in fascination as the girls took pictures with us in different combinations until our food arrived and it’s easy to watch the wave of recognition pass through them as they look us up on their phones or whisper to someone else at their table who we are.

It’s wild.

“Thank you guys so much, this is awesome,” the girl who first spoke says and we beat it of the place before it occurs to them to leave too.

“That was so weird,” I say when we’re back on the street, carrying four massive bags of sushi between us. Apparently, they’d called in more orders after we left and judging by the amount of food everyone is going to be there when we get back.

“Yeah,” Brayden says, looking back into the restaurant through the plate glass window where the girls are watching us go. “Hang on a second.”

I stop and turn to him. “What’s—?” I start and then stop again. He’s so close, close enough that his coat buttons catch against mine for a second.

“Do you think we could,” he trails off, his eyes flicking up toward the restaurant and then back to me, “give them a show?”

“A show?” I ask, but I know what he means. Those girls won’t be able to help themselves. If we do this, the pictures will be everywhere in just a few minutes with a sweet story about how we were nice enough to stop and take pictures with them just before. It’s perfect.

Brayden raises his eyebrows at me, and I nod once before I change my mind.

He leans in close and for a moment, just presses his forehead against mine before one arm circles my waist and draws me closer, just like he’s done a million times on the ice, but then everything is different. My breath catches when he softly, but insistently, he takes my lower lip between his. He guides me through the kiss. It’s slow and sweet, like I’m being led in a dance and just when I think I might dump the bags I’m still holding on the ground and wrap my arms around his shoulders to pull him close, to deepen the kiss and lose myself completely in this wild feeling, he pulls away just a fraction, his nose brushing mine before he steps back and lets out a shaky breath.


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