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Cover Reveal: THE ENCANTO’S DAUGHTER by Melissa de la Cruz

Melissa de la Cruz is BACK with a fantasy guaranteed to sweep you off your feet! In The Encanto’s Daughter, a young woman claims the throne of a realm inspired by Filipino mythology, in the first book in an enchanting new duet. On shelves March 5, 2024!

Scroll down to see the cover and read more about what’s inside–and don’t forget to preorder your copy!

3D crown art by Steve Stone, cover design by Jessica Jenkins

MJ Rodriguez has spent her life hiding in the human world and guarding a heavy secret: She’s not entirely human. MJ is half-encanto, a fairy from a world unknown to humankind, and as the only child of King Vivencio, she’s also next in line for the throne. Now, upon her father’s sudden death, MJ must take her place as the king’s rightful heir.

In wondrous Biringan, the road to the throne is paved with thorns. MJ has to navigate a backstabbing council that objects to a half-human ruler. And when it looks like her father’s death wasn’t natural but possibly due to an ancient curse, she must find and stop the sorceress behind the merciless magic.

To succeed, MJ forges an unlikely alliance with the dashing Sir Lucas of the feared Sigbin Court, and soon, she starts falling deeply for the mysterious knight. But with peril looming over the realm, the princess must decide if she can open her heart to love—and prove she can carry the weight of the crown.

Penguin Teen