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Cover Reveal: THE NARROW by Kate Alice Marshall

Cover reveal! From author Kate Alice Marshall comes a deliciously terrifying new novel The Narrow. Coming August 1, 2023!

Scroll down to see the cover and read a bit about the book!

Cover Designer: Elaine Demasco

No one survives a fall in the Narrow; its current is too strong, however peaceful it appears. But school legend centers around it, including the tale of the Drowning Girl, who, heartbroken, threw herself in, haunting students who wander alone at night.

Eden White has always thought of boarding school as an escape. Especially after this past summer, which left her traumatized for reasons she’s hiding from her friends. But when she arrives for her senior year only to discover her parents haven’t paid her tuition, she’s forced to move into Abigail House as her classmate, Delphine’s, companion in exchange for a full ride.

Delphine lives secluded due to a mysterious illness that prevents her from leaving the house. Though Del doesn’t remember it, Eden clearly recalls the accident that left her different. When Del fell in the Narrow—the river behind their school—freshman year…and survived. Now, she lives in a house of rules: no outside clothing, Del’s door must be locked at night, and most importantly, don’t let the water in. For with the water comes the Drowning Girl.

Eden’s best efforts can’t keep out the nightmares, or the damp footprints leading to her bed, or the broken figure of a girl sliding towards her in the dark. Somehow, Del’s sickness is tied to the Narrow and the ghost desperately trying to reach her. Eden is determined to find out how—and save the girl she’s quickly falling in love with—though there’s a piece of the puzzle that isn’t fitting. But she must solve it fast, before the water comes for her, too…

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Penguin Teen