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Missing Marie Lu’s Legend series? Here are 5 books you should read!

It’s been a hot second since Legend by Marie Lu first hit shelves. (We still can’t believe it came out almost a decade ago…) Who can forget the first time they fell in love with June Iparis and Daniel Wing, better known as “Day”? If you’re looking for another pair of star-crossed-lovers in sci-fi, or even another dystopian read that will get you excited about (and frightened for) the future, we have some book recs for you!


Rebelwing by Andrea Tang


Three words: Sentient cybernetic dragon. That’s the new companion that teen smuggler Prudence “Pru” Wong finds herself with after a smuggling drop gone wrong. Pru is a prep school student in an alternate future version of Washington D.C., one of the last bastions of democracy in North America, which has been overtaken by the United Continental Confederacy, Inc. (Remind you of the Colonies from Legend?) Rather like June, Pru and her dragon, Rebelwing, soon find themselves on the front lines in a fight to protect their friends and family.


The Vanishing Deep by Astrid Scholte

vanishing deep

What if June could have revived her late brother, Metias? And what would you sacrifice for 24 more hours with your beloved sibling? That’s the predicament that 17-year-old Tempe finds herself in. On her planet of waves and water, the research facility on the island of Palimdromena will revive the recently departed for a price. But Tempe isn’t seeking a heartfelt reunion with her late sister, Elysea—she wants to know why Elysea caused the death of their parents. When the revived Elysea insists that she was innocent, she and Tempe embark on a dangerous journey to find the truth behind their parents’ death, in a quest that will change their lives forever.


Warcross by Marie Lu


If you liked Legend, then you’ll definitely love Warcross! Not only is Warcross set in the same world as Legend (it’s basically a Legend prequel of sorts), it will also scratch that sci-fi/dystopian itch in the same way as Legend. Also, Emika Chen and Hideo Tanaka are our ride-or-die couple—but just as with June and Day, their love story is more complicated than it seems on the surface.


Matched by Ally Condie


Looking for another O.G. star-crossed dystopian romance? Then Match definitely belongs on your TBR! In the Society, your entire life’s choices are decided for you, including whom you love. But when Cassia Reyes inadvertently finds herself torn between her best friend Xander Carrow and newcomer Ky Markham, Cassia finds herself questioning everything she was raised to believe. We think you should use your power to choose… this love triangle against a dystopian backdrop!


War Girls by Tochi Onyebuchi


Times of turmoil can reveal your true self. Just as the Republic and Colonies of America find themselves locked in civil war in Legend, sisters Onyii and Ify are cast on opposite sides of the conflict between their native Biafra and Nigeria. While Onyii becomes a war hero known as the Demon of Biafra, Ify and her technological expertise become an asset for Nigeria. Forces around them are determined to keep Onyii and Ify apart… but they’ll have to fight their way back to each other to learn who they really are.


Rebelwing by Andrea Tang is available on February 25th, so what are you waiting for? Pre-order your copy here!

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