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See the cover of HEIST ROYALE, sequel to THIEVES’ GAMBIT

The sequel is coming! We repeat: the sequel is coming!

Prepare for the high-stakes, high drama follow-up to Thieves’ Gambit. In Heist Royale, Ross must find a way to out-heist the boy who betrayed her to protect her family—and her heart. On shelves November 12, 2024!

Scroll down to check out the cover of Heist Royale and read more. Plus, check out the gorgeous new paperback cover for Thieves’ Gambit!

Cover design by Theresa Evangelista; Cover art by HitAndRun Creative Studio 

In the aftermath of the betrayals revealed in Thieves’ Gambit, Ross and Devroe are now reluctant partners pulling jobs all over the world, run by Count, the Organization’s enigmatic leader. Astoundingly, even after Devroe’s treachery has been revealed, he’s still trying to make a play for Ross’s heart, but Ross can’t trust him and staying alive has to be her number one priority. Devroe’s wish that could end not only her life, but her family’s, is still in force. But when another high-ranking member of the Organization attempts to oust Count, Ross sees her chance to save herself. A new gambit is proposed to see who should lead the Organization into the future—Count or Baron, a crafty and ruthless opponent who will stop at nothing for the win. And so begins the ultimate Gambit to determine not who the best thief is, but who will rule the Organization of cutthroats, and more importantly to Ross, who will live and who will die.

It’s Team Count vs. Team Baron. Whose team will Ross join?  After Baron tries and fails to win Ross’s trust, Ross decides to stick with the devil she knows and hope Count will make Devroe’s wish null and void at the gambit’s end should they win. Along with Mylo, Noelia, Taiyo and her mother, Ross faces off against team Baron, led by Devroe and his mother who wants nothing more than to see Ross dead and filled out by her former best friend Kyung-Soon. Though emotional entanglements with her mother, Devroe and Kyung-Soon threaten to throw Ross off course, she is determined to prove she can always count on herself to get the job done. As this gambit takes the globe-trotting crew to such far-flung places as Antarctica and South Africa, the  growing stakes will test loyalties and may break more than hearts as Ross tries to fend off death at every turn.  May the best thief win.

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