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See the new paperback cover of FROM LITTLE TOKYO, WITH LOVE

From Little Tokyo, With Love by Sarah Kuhn is getting a GORGEOUS new look in paperback! Scroll down to see the new cover and read more about Sarah Kuhn’s modern fairy tale about a girl whose search for a storybook ending takes her to unexpected places in both her beloved LA neighborhood and her own guarded heart.

Cover art Bron Payne, Cover design by Kaitlin Yang

At first glance, Rika’s life might seem like the beginning of a familiar fairy tale—after all, she’s an orphan with two bossy cousins, a demanding job in the family business, and an ever-present feeling that she doesn’t quite belong. But as a biracial girl with formidable judo skills and a firey temper, Rika knows she is the least princess-like person in all of LA.
So when a series of tantalizing clues spread out over her Little Tokyo neighborhood seem to point her to her mother being alive, Rika has to take a leap of faith (accompanied by cute actor Hank Chen) that a girl like her might deserve happiness too. But as their madcap quest brings her closer to the truth—and closer to Hank—her doubts and insecurities threaten to destroy everything. In the sudden fairy tale that’s taken over her life, Rika must decide if she’s destined for tragedy . . . or brave enough to write her own happy ending.

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