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Switch by A.S. King COVER REVEAL!

If you’ve read an A.S. King novel, you KNOW it is an event! And we’re so EXCITED, because 2021 brings a new genre-defying, game-changing, only-A.S.-King-could-write-this read! Switch will keep you intrigued until the very last page.

And of course, the mystery continues with a truly amazing cover!

But first, what can you expect from Switch:

From the acclaimed Printz Award–winning author of Dig, a surreal new novel set in a world where time has stopped and frantic adults demand teenagers focus on finding practical solutions to the worldwide crisis.
Not everyone is on board though. Javelin-throwing prodigy Truda Becker is pretty sure her “Solution Time” class won’t solve the world’s problems, but she does have a few ideas what might. Truda lives in a house with a switch that no one ever touches, a switch her father protects every day by nailing it into hundreds of progressively larger boxes. But Truda’s got a crow bar, and one way or another, she’s going to see what happens when she flips the switch.


WOOO…and now, the amazing cover, from artist Nicki Crock and designer Samira Iravani


Switch ASKing

And make sure to add Switch to your GoodReads shelf! 

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