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The FOUR DEAD QUEENS Countdown: Archia!

Welcome to the FOUR DEAD QUEENS COUNTDOWN! In honor of the queenly countdown, we’ll be celebrating one of the four quadrants from Four Dead Queens every week until it’s here! This week’s quadrant is ARCHIA! Scroll down to spy a clip of the rolling plains and timeless beauty of Archia as well as an interview with the author, Astrid Scholte!


Scroll down to read a letter from the ruler of Archia, Queen Iris herself!

Archia: The agricultural land that values simplicity, hard work, and nature.

Proverb: Trust only in what can be wielded by hand and heart.


Welcome to the beautiful island of Archia.

As the only quadrant separated from the mainland, it is a lush haven for everyone who lives there. We Archians believe in hard work and safeguarding our beautiful home from the wicked ways of technology. While I hope you enjoy your time there, you must abide by my rules that protect this exceptional land.

You will not be allowed to use technology, machinery or any form of modern transport. You will have to journey on foot or horseback to your desired destination. At your lodgings, you will find a plentiful feast of game, stewed fruits and steamed vegetables, all cooked over a fire. And at night, that flame will become your heating as well as your illumination.

As queen of Archia, it is of upmost importance that I preserve the abundant natural resources from overharvesting and from the ravenous greed of the other quadrants. I will not allow Archia to be pillaged. Our resources are all Quadara has left.

Dear travelers, if you allow yourself to let go of your addiction to technology, you’ll open your eyes to the wonders of nature. During the day, you’ll hear the harmonious calls of the countless species of birds that inhabit the island. You’ll swim in the freshwater rivers and lakes that wind through the valleys. At the peak of the mountain ranges, you’ll breathe in the fresh air, untainted by machinery, and the destructive effects of industry. In the evening, you will see a starry sky like never before.

Archia is also home to many different animals, including the proud stag, the symbol of our quadrant and everything we stand for: a simple, hard working life, surrounded by untouched nature. We live our lives by the traditional proverb: Trust only in what can be wielded by hand and heart.

I hope you are enlightened by your trip to Archia, and that when you return home, you’ll hold the wisdom of our people in your heart.


May the queens forever rule the day. Together, yet apart.


Queen Iris


Join us next week to explore the magical land of art and entertainment, Ludia!


Four Dead Queens is hitting shelves February 26th! Don’t forget to pre-order your copy and upload your receipt to receive a special Quadara pin!


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