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The Ultimate Book Track Match for Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

It’s TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUM TIME!! Some of our most beloved T-Swift tracks are here, and it’s Taylor’s Version (and yes, we’ve got the vault tracks). Scroll down for your perfect album match up to your favorite and soon-to-be favorite YA books.

We gotta kick off this book track match the best way we know how: with books that will tear your heart apart as much as this song did.

Always Isn’t Forever

The Fault in Our Stars

Mine is a summer vibes CLASSIC–and it deserves two of our own favorite summery classics to match!

Lock & Key

My Life Next Door

The will-they-or-won’t-they is real with this one. And these authors know it!

Her Good Side

Threads That Bind

Back to December is arguably a Swiftie fan favorite, and we think these reads capture the themes regret and longing all too well. (…too soon??)

All My Rage

Isla and the Happily Ever After

Don’t blame us if you find yourself screaming “YOU’RE WITH THE WRONG ONE!!!” at these characters.

Heartbreakers and Fakers

Frankly in Love

Confusion, longing, loss, and anger–these books capture the pain of mourning an unhealthy relationship, even if you see it all more clearly in hindsight.

Not Dead Enough

The Night Fox

This song pulls no punches, and tells it like it is. And so do these books!

Enter the Body

Not Your Average Jo

Things with exes can get COMPLICATED…and don’t these characters know it! (Looking at you, Dimitri!)

Never Vacation with Your Ex

Spirit Bound

Nostalgia and childhood memories are big with this one, and these YA books full of heart fit perfectly.

Chloe and the Kaishao Boys

Kings of B’more

It only seemed right to pair this beloved tune to two equally sparkling fantasies full of wonder and romance!

House of Marionne

Hotel Magnifique

Bring in the murder mysteries! These YA thrillers are FULL of revenge to read while you listen.

The Legacies

Suddenly a Murder

Growing up and into the person you were meant to be is terrifying. Follow Koffi from Beasts of Prey and Ross from Thieves’ Gambit as they follow their own destiny, and learn to leave everything they once knew behind.

Thieves’ Gambit

Beasts of Prey

The finales of these gripping reads have the same energy of all of us shrieking when Taylor started playing this one live at the Eras Tour.

The Ruined

Made of Stars

Talk about an epic love story. Whether you’re looking for real dragons to fight, or metaphorical ones, we’ve got you covered!


Check & Mate

Taylor Swift often reminds us love isn’t easy, but it’s worth it! And these romance reads match the “why is there always SOMETHING in the way?!” energy to a tee.

When You Wish Upon a Lantern

The Davenports

We can think of a character or two who matches THAT description!

They Hate Each Other

Prince Charming

Electric Touch is the first track from the vault for Speak Now, and we’re OBSESSED. We think Lola in Viva Lola Espinoza and Matilda in Nightbirds know exactly how it feels to be scared of the risk of falling in love.

Viva Lola Espinoza


We might start singing When Emma Falls in Love as When Ana Falls in Love! Ana from The Fountains of Silence would definitely understand Emma. Meanwhile, Grey from House of Hollow fits the mysterious It Girl vibe perfectly—everyone wishes they could love her…and Tyler was NOT the same after he did!

The Fountains of Silence

House of Hollow

IT’S GIVING SECRET ROMANCE. If you love listening to slow-burn love stories between characters who keep their romance quiet, we think you’ll love reading it too! 

Zyla & Kai

Last Night at the Telegraph Club

Castles Crumbling paints an EPIC and heartbreaking picture of a falling empire. If you’re ready to watch a ruler’s kingdom crumble, we recommend these intense and royal reads! 

The Young Elites

Chaos & Flame

Taylor’s out here reminding us not to fall in love with someone giving you mixed signals (or just bluntly breaking your heart)! But, of course, everyone learns the hard way—especially these characters. 

Lying in the Deep

Last Chance Dance

Timeless deserves two equally romantic reads about finding each other across timelines, and two people who will find each other no matter what lifetime they’re living. 

I Loved You in Another Life

Lovely War

Penguin Teen