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Three reads perfect for the ladies of The Bold Type

If you haven’t been watching Freeform’s The Bold Type, then you are missing out! Three young women at the beginning of their careers taking on the workforce, New York city, life and love drama. Basically, it’s our JAM!

The leading trio definitely have a WHOLE lot of personality so we picked three great reads for Jane, Kat and Sutton – now you just need to decide to which Bold Type you are!




Sweet Jane isn’t as naïve as she’s sometimes perceived. She’s got a drive and fire to succeed and while her A type, over analysis of situations can sometimes give her pause – Jane’s taking two steps forward more often than she’s taking one step back.

If you’re a Jane, you’re totally there for your best friends, so Undead Girl Gang is the perfect read for female friendships. Jane’s curiosity is part of what makes her a great journalist, and Zoe has the same nose of the truth in the mystery series Trouble is a Friend of Mine. Jane’s also got her romance dramas including her on/off relationship with Pinstripe in which the two reluctantly work together first. Reminds us a little of June and Day in the Legend series!




Rags to fashion department riches Sutton is determined to overcome the rumors about her rise to the top as well as her impoverished background. She’s going for her head but sometimes her heart gets in the way and she can’t ignore the men in her life!

If Bold Type Sutton’s your girl, then The Dark Days Club series featuring Lady Helen Wrexhal will speak to you, what with Lady Helen forced to choose between saving her reputation or saving the world. Much like Sutton’s crossing the lines from being assistant to the fashion team, Mariko trades places and joins the Black Clan in the Flame in the Mist. And of course, The Fashion Committee is perfect, because just like Sutton, Charlie is fashion obsessed and both are just trying to make their dreams come true.




Fiercely independent and leap before you look kinda a girl, Kat is living her best life and open to all the experiences the world has to off, from travel to love, food to friendship – Kat will try it all!

If Kat’s desire to showcase injustice to the world resonates with you, try Blood Water Paint – the story inspired by one the first women in history to have her assault case documented as it went to court. Kat’s bravery often masks her ability to examine her own relationships, something Marin struggles with in We Are Okay. When you’re amazing at your job like Kat is, you’re going to love Odessa from Reign of the Fallen – who is here to WORK and get the job done.


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