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8 YA books about friendship

Books are friends, and we love that. But we also love books about friends. So, if you’re always looking for the next book that’s really going to make you think, here are 6 YA reads that explore all sorts of complex friendships for your shelf!


The Falling Girls by Hayley Krischer


Think Heathers complicated. This intoxicating thriller about the dark paths female friendships can take, set against the backdrop of a high school cheerleading squad.


Lux: The New Girl by Ashley Woodfolk


We love all the books in the Flyy Girls series, but here is where to start if you’re new! This series explores the lives of four Harlem highschoolers, each facing a crossroads of friendship, family, and love.


The Desolations of Devil’s Acre by Ransom Riggs

Desolations of Devil's Acre

The ever changing friendship of the peculiars was tugging HARD on our heartstrings during this finale.


The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

The Outsiders

Ponyboy can count on his brothers and his friends, but not on much else besides trouble with the Socs, a vicious gang of rich kids who get away with everything, including beating up greasers like Ponyboy. This classic contains some of our favorite friendships in YA history, and continues to live in our hearts today.


Perfectly Parvin by Olivia Abtahi

Perfectly Parvin

Let’s face it: Parvin’s supportive friend group is what we all aspire to have around us. Perfectly Parvin is a delightful tale where, amid the turmoil of high school friendships and crushes, being yourself is always the perfect way to be.


Sugar Town Queens by Malla Nunn


From Los Angeles Times Book Prize Award winner and Edgar Award nominee Malla Nunn comes a stunning portrait of a family divided and a powerful story of how friendship saves and heals.


Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf by Hayley Krischer

something happened to ali greenleaf

Ali Greenleaf and Blythe Jensen couldn’t be more different. Both girls are survivors in their own ways, and while their friendship might not be built to last, it’s one that empowers each of them to find justice on their own terms.


The Woods Are Always Watching by Stephanie Perkins


Stephanie Perkins returns with a heart-stopping, gut-wrenching novel about friendship, survival, and navigating unmarked paths even as evil watches from the shadows.



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