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10 Ways Rebel of the Sands Gives Us Han And Leia Feels

Rebel of the Sands is a desert fantasy that follows the escapades of Amani and Jin, two rebels with a relationship that’s hotter than the sun but not exactly candy hearts and roses. In fact, they totally remind us of another romance on the run – Han and Leia from Star Wars…except they’re gender-swapped. Read on for the 10 reasons why:


They’re technically on the same side, but one of them is a little bit more committed to the cause…

“So which one of those countries are you blowing up factories for?” I prodded the sun on his chest. The Xichian symbol.

While the other is a bit more focused on survival…

“I just need help getting anywhere that’s not here. Somewhere with a train or a decent road. Then we can call it quits.”

And doesn’t really think before acting…

“Do you have a death wish?” Jin sounded almost impressed.

And definitely shoots first.

My gun was in my hand in a flash, ready to execute some half-formed plan.

They seem to object to using each other’s real names.


“So, ‘Blue Eyed Bandit,’” I opened my eyes as the foreigner sank down next to me, propping his arms on his knees. He didn’t look at me when he spoke. “It’s better than ‘Eastern Snake,’ at least.”

They fundamentally seem to be at their best together when firearms are involved.


My shoulders felt tight, like my arms knew I couldn’t bear to miss a shot. But he was trusting me. So I nodded ever so slightly.

And when they’re bickering you can’t help but think “JUST KISS!”


We stood close, anger pulsing between us. My heart was beating fast – or maybe that was his.

But kissing always seems to happen in the middle of peril anyway.


There was no time to run and even less time to think. We needed to hide. Only there was nowhere to hide – except exactly where we were standing. I yanked Jin back towards me.

And it doesn’t mean that they’re any better at properly admitting their feelings for each other.


“You don’t believe in God,” I said. It came out half a croak just as he closed the last of the space between us with a kiss.

And finally, one of the them is occasionally unclothed for no real reason, but no less badass.


“I can get you a clean shirt.” I managed. I was having trouble keeping my eyes on his face when there was so much else of him on show.






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