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9 Villains Who Redeemed Themselves

We talk a lot about how Adelina from The Young Elites is so awesome because even though she’s the main character, she’s quickly descending on a path to villainy. But she’s definitely not ALL BAD yet, and sometimes we find ourselves feeling bad for her, which makes us think there’s still a chance that she can make a comeback. Which is totally possible, because take a look at these other bad guys who turned good:


**some pop culture spoilers ahead!!**


1. Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender


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Despite trying to regain his father’s respect by hunting down the Avatar season after season, Prince Zuko joins Aang and the gang at the end – which isn’t totally unbelievable because you see glimpses of his humanity throughout the series, just like with Adelina.


2. Darth Vader from Star Wars


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Even though he’s at first the powerful, terrifying representation of the Dark Side, Darth Vader chooses family in the end, turning on his master to protect his son Luke.


3. Regina George from Mean Girls


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Ok expand your definition of “villain” for a second: because if there IS evil in the high school, Regina George embodies it. But in the resolution of Mean Girls, she ditches her manipulative personality and channels her aggressive energy into something new – sports.


4. Severus Snape from Harry Potter


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Snape may be one of the most complicated fictional characters we’ve ever come across. Even though he seems firmly loyal to Voldemort in most of the Harry Potter series, his loyalty to Dumbledore ultimately shines through, as well as his love of Harry’s mother Lily.


5. The Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas


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Talk about a change of heart. At the beginning of the story, The Grinch has a heart that’s two sizes too small – but after an epiphany, it grows three sizes and he even apologies to the townspeople for ruining their holiday.


6. Doctor Octopus from Spider Man 2


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Somewhere waaaay deep inside Doctor Octopus is Dr. Otto Octavius, a scientist who once had good intentions. After trying to take Spider Man down the whole movie, he musters his old self from within to drown who he’s become, proclaiming “I will not die a monster.”


7. Gru from Despicable Me


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Felonius Gru goes from declaring “I will be the greatest villain of all time” to having his heart totally melted by three orphan girls he adopts and eventually saves from another villain.


8. The T800 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day


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In the first movie, the T800 is bent on destroying Sarah Connor so that her unborn son John can’t lead a revolution against Skynet in the future, but in the second movie, he comes back as John’s protector.


9. Helen Harris III from Bridesmaids


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Annie’s role in her very best friend’s bridal party is under attack by seemingly flawless Helen pretty much the whole time in Bridesmaids, but after all the insanity, it’s Helen who helps Annie resume her place as maid of honor.


Eager to see where Adelina falls on the spectrum? Start reading The Young Elites!






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