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4 Books to Read if You’re Stoked for the Dumplin’ Movie

In case you haven’t heard, Netflix just dropped the trailer for the adaptation of Julie Murphy’s beloved, contemporary YA novel, Dumplin’!


So now the internet is getting all:



So if you’ve already fallen in love with the new trailer for Dumplin’ then…well, first of all: oh my gosh SAME.

But SECONDLY, it’s probably hitting you that we have to wait until DECEMBER for Netflix to bless us with the premiere.


So, in the meantime, here are four reads for fans of Dumplin’ to keep you distracted/hyped until then!


1. Royals


If you love utterly unconventional limelight stories, you’ll love Daisy Winters and her refusal to check the typical boxes of what it means to be a “lady”. Sometimes, the royal rulebook just needs a rewrite, ya know?


2. The Season


Sporty girl completely unprepared for pageant enters a cutthroat competition? Yes, please. This retelling of Pride and Prejudice shares the witty pageant shenanigans we love in Dumplin’ with a good dose of comedy (and did we mention modern Mr. Darcy??). 


3. Always Never Yours


Not everyone intends to stumble into the public eye, least of all Megan Harper. Always Never Yours is the perfect read for anyone who loved watching Willowdean learn to take control of the limelight and hold onto it.  


4. Puddin’


If you couldn’t get enough of Dumplin’, don’t forget to add the wonderfully empowering sequel Puddin’ to your TBR!


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