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7 Reasons Digby Is Your New Book Boyfriend

If Insta-love is when two book characters fall in love at first sight, what’s it called when a real person falls in love with a book character at first read? Introducing the brilliant and sometimes annoying yet irresistible Digby from Trouble is a Friend of Mine. But by the last page, you’ll realize that he snuck into your heart without you even realizing, and here’s why:


1. He dresses for the occasion.



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Digby drags his neighbor Zoe Webster through a series of OUTRAGEOUS scenarios, but he’s always wearing the same thing – a suit. And ok, it doesn’t really fit him, but who can resist that dedication?


2. He has a [questionable] job.



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You’ll find him at the mall in a teddy bear costume for what is essentially Build-A-Bear. Hey, gotta make ends meet.


3. He loves sharing meals together.



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Ok yes, he might make you pay for them 99% of the time, but he’ll always appreciate the feel of a full belly.


4. He’ll bring you around when he’s hanging with his best friend.


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And even though you’ll wonder how he even has ONE friend, you can kinda see why they work.


5. He knows the importance of family.



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Even if that means obsessively working to find out what happened to his missing sister 9 years ago.


6. His persistence is unmatched.



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Breaking into a gynecologist’s office, getting shot at, tracking down a cult, evading drug lords, winter dances, and explosions are but pebbles in the road to his goal.


7. Underneath it all, his heart may be made of golden kittens & rainbows.



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At the end of the day, the insanity that he’ll put you through can’t hide the fact that everything he does is for a reason that will melt your heart.




Ready to be officially introduced? Start reading Trouble is a Friend of Mine here!








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