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7 Things We Know About THE ACCIDENT SEASON… and 7 Things We Don’t

If there’s one book you need in order to prepare for the impending chill of Autumn, it’s the eerie, atmospheric, page-turning The Accident Season. It’s the story of Cara, whose family becomes inexplicably accident prone every October – and this year may be the worst yet. Cara knows just about as much as we do about the accident season, which is the following:


1. It happens every October for a month, no more and no less.


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But why is it October, and why is it only 1 month long? Halloween adds enough creepiness as it is, right?


2. Its tactics know no bounds.

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There have been deaths, stitches, broken bones, near-drownings, tumbles down stairs and stumbles in front of cars. But why is it happening exclusively to Cara’s family?


3. You can try to hide from it, but it will find you.


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Even when Cara’s family camped out in the living room one year for 8 days to stay safe, they ended up in the hospital due to food poisoning from food they had delivered. But how can it get around all these obstacles every time?


4.  Not only blood relatives are affected.


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Cara’s stepbrother Sam, whose father Christopher left their family years before, has had his share of cracked skulls and busted lips. But is it possible Christopher is a victim of the accident season?


5. It has to be kept a secret.


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Sure, Cara’s closest friend Bea knows, but she’s essentially like another sister. What would happen if people found out though?


6. It’s happened for as long as Cara remembers.


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Her mom has been sheltering all of Cara’s siblings from the accident season since they were babies, but what about before they were born?


7. October is coming.


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And this season, we have to ask…is it a curse or a coincidence?


Ready to experience The Accident Season? Start reading here.


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