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8 Ways TRIPLE MOON Overlaps with Witches of East End

#1 New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz’s newest book Triple Moon is essentially a golden gift from the gods of storytelling: Not only is it a magical, sexy, irresistible adventure of a book, it’s ALSO a glimmering beacon of spinoff light for everyone who watched Witches of East End and was totally devastated when it ended. Besides including the short story finale to the TV series at the end of the book, here’s what Witches of East End fans can expect to revisit in Triple Moon (which, by the way, you’ll still totally love even if you didn’t watch the show):

**some potential show spoilers ahead!**


Ingrid Beauchamp


Twin witches Molly and Mardi Overbrook are the stars of this story, and their adventures start when they’re shipped off to live with their “aunt” Ingrid to learn to control their powers.


Freya Beauchamp


Still working at the Inn, still gorgeous, still loving her freedom. And now, the gorgeous clothes she’s saved through the decades have new superfans – Molly and Mardi.


(Magical) power struggles


While sisters Ingrid and Freya had to play catch up with their magical powers once they learned they were witches, Molly and Mardi already know they’re witches – and they don’t want to be held back. However, failing to rein in their magical impulses could land them in Limbo.


North Hampton


Get ready to delve back into the mist-shrouded, lush town Ingrid and Freya first learned THEY were witches in, and the perfect setting for a tinge of magic and a dash (see what we did there?) of romance.


Fair Haven


Yes, the mansion is still alive and well – and wild parties are still the norm. A night at the Fair Haven will always be a night to remember…whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.


Black cats


There will be cats. But our lips are sealed regarding whether they’re humans in disguise or not…


The Gardiners


Prepare to meet a new crop of the oldest and wealthiest of North Hampton’s clans in the younger Gardiner boys Trent and Tris, who might just stir up as much trouble with Molly and Mardi as their older kin did with Ingrid and Freya.




The shapeshifter from Witches Of East End was absolutely terrifying, and there’s a chance a similar evil may plague our favorite witches again. *Shudders*


Can’t wait for more from your favorite world of witches? Get your copy of Triple Moon here!



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