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Book Boyfriend Spotlight: Tim Mason from THE BOY MOST LIKELY TO

Here at Penguin Teen HQ, we know one thing for sure: falling for a fictional character is a 100% real phenomenon. That’s why we’ve decided to start spotlighting some of our most eligible book boyfriends—the ones readers can’t stop talking about. Why? Because the only thing better than crushing on a fictional character is getting your friends to join in.

This week, we’re talking about Tim Mason from Huntley Fitzpatrick’s My Life Next Door and The Boy Most Likely To.


Who is Tim?

Well, if we’re talking about Tim as we meet him in My Life Next Door, Tim is Nan’s troublemaking brother. Meaning he’s the boy most likely to find the liquor cabinet, to need a liver transplant, and maybe even to drive his car into a house. By the time we meet Tim again in The Boy Most Likely To, he’s in the process of pulling his life together. He’s the charming, self-deprecating, redheaded who means well, even when the odds are stacked against him. He’s the boy most likely to be your next book boyfriend.



Why should Tim be your book boyfriend? We’re glad you asked. 

  1. He knows that certain things in life are worth it.

“Why don’t I scare you?” she asks.
“You do. You’re scary as hell,” I assure her. “But that works for me. Completely.”


  1. His firm belief in simple—yet very important—concepts.

“It’s not rocket science, Nan. You show someone they matter to you—do whatever it takes to show that.”


  1. His commitment to the cause.

“I kiss her back, skim one thumb slowly down her spine, the other hand hesitating at her waist for only one inhale before I press my palm hard against her soft skin, turn her to face me more fully, pull her all the way into my lap, bend all I have into all of her.

We’re in a Volkswagen and I’m six three. The fine German engineering of the People’s Car was not engineered for this. Still, there’s no freaking way I’m gonna stop and request a more comfortable situation. Even if my legs are wedged under the glove compartment and my rib cage is about to be cracked by the gearshift.”



I mean, don’t just take our word for it—let’s see what the internet has to say!



Suggested first date with Tim?

Hit the beach with Tim! He’d be down for just about anything—hanging out, making out, running, or even helping you babysit if your responsibilities simply can’t be ignored.


Steaminess Rating:

8 out of 10. Great flirtation builds a slowburn romance that pays off in a big way at the end.


Ready to meet Tim for real? Start reading The Boy Most Likely To!












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