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Booked for the Summer: Preorder Goodies FAQ!

Get ready to be booked for the summer! Upload your receipt for any one (or more!) of eight highly-anticipated reads to receive these deluxe prizes. đź“š

Click here to enter, and scroll down for an FAQ!


Q: International Entries? Sadly, no. U.S. entry only.

Q: What do I upload? An image (jpg/png/tiff) is perfect. Screenshots are fine too. PDF’s are not valid entries.

Q: How do I enter multiple images for my receipts? Only one image receipt per entry form, so for multiple titles with different images for receipts, submit a new entry with the same email address. 

Q: What if I buy one book now, and other books at a later date? You can submit your receipts at any time. To be considered one entry, use the same email address. 

Q: If I buy six or more, do I get two bags? No, one email address per valid entry. 

Q: Do the books need to be purchased from the same retailer? No, you can purchase from any number mix of retailers you like. As long as your receipts show the eligible books. 

Q: What retailers can I order from? Any of them! As long as you’re a resident in the US and you meet all the legal conditions of entry, your pre-order can be from any retailer. 

Q: What formats are valid: Hardback, ebook, paperback, audio, any special retailer editions, and any subscription boxes that we can see the book is included. 

Q: When is my receipt valid for: Any purchase before 11.59pm, 6/24 will be eligible (if all other conditions of entry are valid)

Q: My book has been delivered but it didn’t have the prize: The prizing will be delivered to all valid entries six to eight weeks after the release date and is not connected to the book delivery from the retailer.

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