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Last Minute Bookish Costumes for Lazy People

We all know how this goes. You spend most of October binge-watching scary movies, going to corn mazes, and scanning coffee shop menus for fall-themed drinks.

Then, suddenly BOOM. Halloween is actually here. And OOPS, you forgot to get a costume.

Panicking? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 last-minute bookish costumes for lazy people!

A dhampir from Vampire Academy

Just wear your normal clothes and punch some stuff.

Emika Chen – Warcross


Grab some hair chalk! Time to rainbow-up that hair and low-key cosplay our favorite hacker. A cool jacket and snarky attitude might help too

A Sheet Ghost


Bring a book. Read under the sheet. No one has to know.

The House of Hollow cover

Hear me out: flowers and Elmers glue.

A Reader on Vacation

Roll around a suitcase of books that you will not actually be reading.

Helene – A Reaper at the Gates


Never mind the cashier who’s looking at you funny for your basket of silver face paint. You’ll make a badass Helene this Halloween. Just make sure you’ve got some makeup remover wipes handy later.

Go as an author


This is your official excuse to wear your favorite comfy sweater and drink SO much caffeine this Halloween. 

Redtooth from Seafire


This is really just an excuse to go crazy with the red lipstick. But really! Smear some of that red lip halfway across your face and add some braids. Ta-da!

Adelaide – The Glittering Court


You know that prom dress you’ve been harboring in the back of your closet forever? Grab it. IT’S GO TIME.

Millard Nullings from the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series

This one is arguably the easiest. Don’t want to attend any Halloween festivities? Stay home and say you were the invisible kid from Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children!

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