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Start reading THE SEASON by Jonah Lisa Dyer and Stephen Dyer!

The season has officially begun, but the drama is just getting started. The Season, one of our most anticipated books coming out this summer, is the absolute most fun Pride and Prejudice retelling in existence: set during the Dallas debutante season, it follows the misadventures of Megan McKnight, who’d rather be kicking balls on the field rather than attending them in a dress. Can’t wait to meet her? Read the first few chapters of The Season right here!

About The Season: Megan McKnight is a soccer star with Olympic dreams, a history major, an expert at the three Rs of Texas (readin’, ridin’, and ropin’), but she’s not a girly girl.  So when her Southern belle mother secretly enters her as a debutante for the 2016 deb season in their hometown of Dallas, she’s furious—and has no idea what she’s in for.

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