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The Top 5 Moments from Falling Kingdoms


Consider this your Falling Kingdoms yearbook—we’re recapping the top moments from this epic, long-running fantasy series book-by-book so you are properly prepared for the release of the fifth installment, Crystal Storm. 


First stop on our walk down memory lane: the book that started it all, Falling Kingdoms.



When Tomas Allagon Was Murdered


The death of Tomas Agallon, aka the top moment that took practically no time at all to appear. With the sudden, violent fate of Tomas, author Morgan Rhodes sets the pace for the series—especially when it comes to the body count.


As we look further into the series, it’s interesting to look back and think about how, what seemed like a random act of cruelty, set all future conflicts into motion.


When Cleo and Theon Declared Their Love . . .


. . . and Theon was killed by Prince Magnus only moments later.


Because of course the first couple you shipped in this series wasn’t going to make it out of the first book alive. Besides the devastating timing of love found and lost, this moment proved to be crucial to Cleo’s character development.


While things were going to get much, much worse for Cleo, this was the event that first tested her will to carry on and fight for herself.


When Lucia Went All Evil Sorceress on Sabina


This also led to Sabina’s death, because of course it did. Overall, we pity the internal struggle Lucia deals with attempting to keep her magic at bay, but there’s something deeply satisfying watching her let loose . . . especially on Sabina, who, face it, was not the best.


When King Gaius Double-Crossed Chief Basilius


Did we see this coming? We maybe saw this coming. But that didn’t stop it from being an ohhhh no no no top moment. From later books we know King Gaius was just getting started, but taking down Chief Basilius was his first major power play.


And at this point we are stating the obvious—this moment led to many a lost lives.


When Cleo Got Ahold Of Eva’s Ring


Just when you think Cleo has lost everything and is out of the game, she winds up with Eva’s ring that is said to hold unbelievable power. This moment adds to the drama of the push and pull of power between the kingdoms.


As Falling Kingdoms closes, everybody who’s anybody is after the Kindred, which, folks, is when things start to get really interesting.



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