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Scary Books: Find Your Perfect Halloween Read!

Halloween is right around the corner…also known as stay-up-all-night-reading-scary-books season! So, from Supernatural Scares to No Way Out Nightmares, we’ve got your perfect level and category of scary books for your TBR. Scroll down to find your perfect scary Halloween read…if you dare!

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Supernatural Scares

From ghosts to witches to peculiars, click here to for a list of supernatural scares that will have you checking under your bed before you go to sleep!

Click here for our Supernatural Scares picks!

Murder & Mayhem

If blood on a book cover interests you, we think you should check out these terrifying reads full of murder & mayhem.

Click here for our Murder & Mayhem picks!

Mind-Boggling Mysteries

Can’t resist decoding the fine details of a mystery from your cozy reading spot? These mind-boggling mysteries are for you!

Click here for our Mind-Boggling Mysteries picks!

No Way Out Nightmares

From haunted houses to isolated islands, these no way out nightmares will have you thinking twice before you go anywhere this Halloween!

Click here for our No Way Out Nightmares picks!

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