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Supernatural Scares: YA Books for Halloween!

From ghosts to witches to peculiars, scroll down for a list of of supernatural scares that will have you checking under your bed before you go to sleep this Halloween!

Calling all witches! Join Shay Johnson at T.K. Anderson Magical Magnet School, where magic lurks in every corner and auditions for this year’s musical will be held down the hall shortly! But beware: not all is as it seems here at T.K. Anderson Magical Magnet School.

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Something is not right about the Hollow girls. This dark, twisty modern fairytale follows three sisters who discover they are not exactly all that they seem…and that evil things really do go bump in the night.

Beware: this one has an ending that is SURE to keep you up late.

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It wouldn’t be fair for us to give you all scares and no romance! This paranormal romance anthology is filled with tales of the mortal and the monstrous, from vampires and merpeople, to angels and demons.

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The world is dangerous for peculiars everywhere. But don’t worry, Miss Peregrine’s Museum of Wonders is sure to provide you with everything you need to know…but keep watch for those hollowgasts.

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Welcome, welcome to St. Vladimir’s! Be watchful, though. Strigoi–evil, undead vampires–lurk just outside the gates of this paranormal boarding school, and you’ll need to have your wits about you if you’re going to train in the ranks of dhampir guardians.

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If The Conjuring is your favorite flavor of scary, The Girls Are Never Gone is the book for you! In this queer ghost story, seventeen-year-old podcaster Dare finds herself in a life-or-death struggle against an evil spirit.

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Elise Beaumont is cursed. Claire is a vampire, tasked to protect her. And a killer is stalking the streets.

At first, Elise is reluctant to work with a vampire, but when she predicts a teacher’s imminent murder, she’s determined to stop the violent death, even if it means sacrificing her own future to secure Claire’s help.

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The night little Madison disappears from her crib, Luce sees a pair of eyes–two points of gold deep in the forest behind her house–and feels certain they belong to a wolf. Her town, Picnic, Illinois, is the kind of place where everyone knows one another and no one locks their doors. It’s not the kind of place where a toddler goes missing without a trace, where wolves lurk in the shadows.

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One thing is for sure when stepping into a world of witches and magic: you had better be ready to master your craft if you want to survive. Get ready to put yours to the test in Coven, a must-read witchy graphic novel!

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